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Need Design help? Starting with just a concept in your mind, our professional Design Layout Services department can help you throughout the process of designing any foodservice area. Come with a concept, and Complete Restaurant will help you step by step all the way through final installation.

The design and layout of your kitchen is essential to its functionality and cost efficiency. There are many important design elements to a kitchen that can have a huge impact on initial equipment cost, space consumption, feature utilization, cost of build out, and staff coordination.

If equipment is improperly chosen and placed, you risk purchasing unnecessary equipment and wasting the time and energy of your staff with an inefficient set-up.

Our team of experts are here to help you avoid this needless drain of resources. We will combine your goals and ideas with our years of expertise on commercial kitchen equipment and design to create a custom kitchen that’s right for you and your budget.

We will create the floorplans for your kitchen, dining room, and reception area, all while helping you choose the best equipment, tables, chairs, etc., to suit your wants and needs. Of course, we can also source and order the equipment and products you have chosen and deliver/install your new equipment when the time comes.

With 35+ years of restaurant and hospitality experience, Complete Restaurant can help you achieve your restaurant goals while keeping to an appropriate budget.

Our design team uses licensed AutoCAD software to generate floor plans, elevation views, cut sheet books, and equipment schedules complete with utility information.

Let our design team help you create an efficient kitchen- or any foodservice area- and carry your restaurant into success!

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